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Help 3


Microsoft Help 3 is a new help system that will ship with Visual Studio 2010. This help system has been built from the ground up with simplicity, performance and relevance in mind. The end result is a greatly improved deployment model, a fast underlying architecture based on the Zip storage standard and a beautiful new WPF-based help viewer featuring a web browser feel.

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Windows Vista AP Help - H1S

Windows Vista

A complete integration of a new Assistance Platform Help into the operating system Windows happened with the launch of Windows Vista, the successor of Windows XP and formerly code-named Longhorn. Windows Vista includes AP Help 1.0. A Compiler/Decompiler GUI (xHelpMarkup) is available.

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Help 2 - HxS


Help 2 is the help for Visual Studio.net now and was original planned for the next generation of the Microsoft's online help system. The Microsoft® Help team has decided not to release Microsoft Help 2 as a general Help platform (see Longhorn Help)!

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HTMLHelp 1. x is the current help system since Windows 98. I recommend you furthermore to use this help system. You are supported by Visual Studio.net and many other tools when developing help systems based on HTMLHelp.

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WinHelp - HLP


WinHelp 1.0 (.hlp) has been around since the early '90s and has largely been superseded by HTML Help 1.x (.chm). WinHelp will be phased out starting with Windows Vista and not ship with the new operating system! So, this section is no longer quite current but perhaps useful for converting.

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Online Help and Visual Basic

Visual Basic 6

Integrate Winhelp and HTML HELP files into your Visual Basic 6 application.

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Visual basic .net

Visual Basic .net in connection with online help.

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Visual Studio 2010

Visual Basic Express provides a lightweight experience for first-time programmers and hobbyists who are interested in building Windows Forms applications, console applications, and class libraries.

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Online Help - Visual Basic for Applications


Visual BASIC for Applications and online help - the integration is a frequently asked question which is explained exemplarily here.

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