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Change the language setting of the Visual Studio IDE

To set a different language, Visual Studio does not need to be reinstalled. There are language packs for Visual Studio, which can be switched between if installed properly. Together with Visual Studio 2017 the Visual Studio Installer is also provided in the system.

If required the Visual Studio Installer can be called in another language with the parameter -locale. The installer is started by the following call in English language:

Visual Studio Installer start with another language

Start the Visual Studio Installer according to your preferences via the start menu

Visual Studio Installer start as admin

and select the Modify button for the next step.

Visual Studio Installer

Now open the third tab Language packs, select the appropriate language packs and confirm.

Visual Studio Installer Language packs

After the installation the new language can be selected in Visual Studio under Tools - Options:

Visual Studio select language

Visual Studio must be restarted and the user interface is now available in the new language.


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