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Visual Basic and online Help

The Microsoft Help 2 SDK Preview is available about the VSHIK 2.1 (Visual studio .NET Help integration Kit) now. VSHIK has to be imaginarily made possible for the users to design MS Help2 based help systems and to integrate (VS.NET/MSDN Help) into the MS.VSCC documentation optionally. At the moment VSHIK can be installed only on systems contain the VS.NET (see remark). In addition, only the MSDN Viewer (DExplore.exe) and some 3 rd are party Viewer availably at the moment as H2 Viewer.

Microsoft stopped the plans for the release of Help2 (see news). But Visual Studio .NET will continue to use Microsoft Help 2.x technologies for the forseeable future. The future is always subject to change.

Remark: The installation shall work with some tricks also without VS.NET (see knowledge base topic MS Help2 00000434).

The VSHIK could be added to the German version (Visual Basic.NET Standard) without problems.

One lays out a new project about the initial page of the development environment you can find at "New Project" | Projecttyp "Other Projects" entry "Help Projects".

Available help projects can be changed into the new Help 2 format here.

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