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Online Help and Visual Basic 2003

Welcome to the brave new world of Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. You might be reading this because you are one of the almost 3.5 million Visual Basic programmers around the world who have made Visual Basic the most popular Windows programming language in history.

In this examples I will try to give you some input on how to build help systems in .NET and I will list further links. Building Help Systems under the .NET Framework and VS.NET is different then building help system with old (but good) Visual Studio 6.0. The old Help Dialog Box does not exist anymore and there are no more HelpContextID properties that need to be set to ContextID to provide context-sensitive help for your application.

Windows Forms is the new platform for Microsoft Windows application development. Providing help in your application should be one of the things that you shouldn't skip. Use the appropiate type of help based on specific need of your application. Sometimes it's better to use HTMLHelp files (CHM, HxS), but sometimes it will be enough to have only Pop-Up help or ToolTips.

If you already have experience with VB6, the first thing you may notice about .NET applications is they no longer support calling help using numeric Context IDs. Look, what has changed ..

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