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Visual Studio 2005 Help Integration Wizard

The Help Integration Wizard for Visual Studio 2005 is now available! Upon installing, you’ll have a new Extensibility project type available in Visual Studio called “Help Integration Wizard”. This wizard automates the process of assembling your HxS files and creating merge modules or an MSI for efficient deployment of custom Help content. Using the Help Integration Wizard is the easiest way to make your custom Help content available via Visual Studio’s Index, Contents, Search, and F1 features.

The Visual Studio 2005 SDK includes a new tool that allows authoring, building, and deployment of documentation to be plugged into Visual Studio. The tool, HelpStudio Lite, is a slimmed down version of the Innovasys HelpStudio product. HelpStudio Lite is optimized for users of the Visual Studio SDK to author and deploy Help content. After installing the Visual Studio 2005 SDK, you can launch HelpStudio Lite from the Windows Start Menu.




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