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Win Help Introduction

WinHelp 1.0 (.hlp) has been around since the early '90s and has now largely been superseded by HTML Help 1.x (.chm). But there is one crucial point about HTML Help that may determine which of the two formats you go with: users must have Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed to view HTML Help files. You can of course install IE and HTML Help runtime on platforms.

Navigation in WinHelp 1.0 was purely by means of hyperlinks and a search dialog with Index and full-text search (Find) tabs. There was no table of contents - the Contents toolbar button simply took users to the main navigation topic in the Help.

WinHelp is still part of Windows XP, but it might not be part of Windows forever so at some point you might look at moving over to HTML Help.

You find further information about the current development in history.


Creating WinHelp

If you want to create WinHelp files then, at a minimum, you'll need to get Microsoft's Help Workshop, available from:

For further information have a look at the world greatest link list at

Creating WinHelp (HLP) files can be done by many Help Authoring Tools or Freeware Tools.

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