VSHIK - how to install without VS.NET

I had to develop following workaround to install VSHIK on my machine, as I have no VS.NET installation source. All you need is to VS.NET Framework already installed (http://msdn.microsoft.com/downloads/default.asp?URL=/code/sample.asp?url=/m
sdn-files/027/000/976/msdncompositedoc.xml) and to apply patch to the VSHIK installation files:

- download VSHIK from MSDN http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?ReleaseID=37972
- run downloaded VSHIK.exe and unzip the contents to custom folder
- download the file http://www.sojdr.com/vshik/patch_vshik_setup.msi.zip and unzip it into the same folder as VSHIK installation. This archive contains only one .vbs file, performing the necessary change of VSHIK MSI database.
- run the patch_vshik_setup.msi.vbs in the folder where vshik_setup.msi resides. This will unblock the installation of VSHIK on the systems where VS.NET is not installed. The SQL query "DELETE FROM LaunchCondition WHERE Condition='DEVENV_COMP'" is applied to the MSI database.
- then run the VSHIK installation by launching setup.exe

I hope this will help many HTML Help / MS Help 2 fans having the access only to the public downloads of MSDN. Full functionality of patched installation isn't guaranteed, but after the first trials I found that at least command-line tools (compiler, converter) work fine.

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