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Longhorn Help - System.Help API

Adding System.Help.Pane to a Visual Basic .NET Project

To add System.Help.Pane to a Visual Basic .NET project

  1. From the Project menu, choose Add Reference.
  2. Click the .NET tab.
  3. Scroll down and select System.Help.Pane from the list.
  4. Click Select, then OK.

Add an Imports statement for System.Help as shown in the following example. Imports statements must always be the first lines immediately following any Option statements in a module.

Imports System.Help

Initializing a Help Pane Proxy Session

Use the Help pane proxy object to control the Help pane from within an application. This example demonstrates creating a Help pane proxy object, and initializing a Help session using Visual Basic .NET.

  'Create a Help pane proxy object
  Dim pane As System.Help.Pane = New System.Help.Pane _

Displaying a Table of Contents in the Help Pane

Use the DisplayContents method to display the table of contents (TOC) in the Help pane. The following example demonstrates calling DisplayContents using Visual Basic .NET.

'Display the table of contents for this collection
'Display the table of contents and navigate to the node for the specified URI
pane.DisplayContents("help:// _ &topic= /To_change_the_way_your_name_appears_to_other_people.xml")

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