xHelpMarkup - Version Policy

What is a New Release

Within weeks or months, we publish an zipped installer file, for example, "SetUp_xHelpMarkup_0.1.2.exe". This installer file is a complete package which includes all necessary files, including the product executable file, for example, HelpMarkup.exe, help files and demo files. At Help-Info, this installer file is called a new release of the product.

Version Number for a New Release

The version number for a new release looks like x.y.0: y means yth release. For example, 1.5.0 means 5th release. If y is greater than 9, then x will be added to x + 1 and y becomes 0. For example, after release 1.9.0, the new release will be 2.0.0.

What is a Hot Fix

After a new release of a product is published, we may publish a hot fix to address bug reports or feature requests. The hot fix is an zip file, for example, xHelpMarkup.zip, which just includes the product's executable file, for example, xHelpMarkup.exe.

Version Number for a Hot Fix

The version number for a hot fix looks like x.y.z: z means the zth fix after a new release x.y. For example, 1.5.1 means 1st hot fix of the new release 1.5.0.


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