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This table gives indications for the currently available version. You find further information in the release notes .

Click to e.g. "SetUp_xHelpMarkup_0.1.2.zip" for downloading the setup file. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required for xHelpMarkup. Check whether these files are available already on your PC. This is true for Microsoft Windows Vista.

How to get the .NET Framework 2.0 for Windows XP?
Note that Framework versions are installed 'side-by-side', so simply add the 2.0 version and leave a pre-installed version 1.1 on your machine.

A current patch (Hotfix) makes an update possible to address bug reports or feature requests.

  Date Version Source


    xHelpMarkup 1.0
- not available -
2007-08-12 xHelpMarkup 0.2.0 Preview SetUp_xHelpMarkup_0.2.0.zip 1082 KB
2006-10-23 xHelpMarkup 0.1.2 Preview Hotfix SetUp_xHelpMarkup_0.1.2.zip 818 KB
2006-10-02 xHelpMarkup 0.1.1 Preview Hotfix SetUp_xHelpMarkup_0.1.1.zip 356 KB
2006-09-30 xHelpMarkup 0.1.0 Preview SetUp_xHelpMarkup_0.1.0.zip 301 KB


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