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Much information isn't oriented in Germany about online help systems like WinHelp, HTMLHelp and Help2 on the Internet yet. We would be happy if you participate in a lively discussion here in the discussion forum (= newsgroup) to online help systems.

We also like to answer your questions here in the context of the forum, without to guarantee an immediate support service.

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RSS Feeds
Microsoft Communities and MSDN
MVP's - Most Valuable Professionals
Help2 - Forum of Experts
MS Help Wiki
Google Newsgroup Cache
Google Newsgroup Cache Special Search


RSS Feeds

Subscribe to help related RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to get news delivered directly to your desktop!

To view one of the feeds in your RSS Aggregator or RSS Reader:

1. Copy the URL/shortcut that corresponds to the topic that interests you.
2. Paste the URL into your reader.

URL for your RSS Reader
HelpInfo Blog
AP Team Blog
Helpware Blog
Microsoft Help News


Start the Forum of this homepage for your contribution ...


Start the forum presented by Thomas Schulz ...

Microsoft Communities

More and more users of Microsoft products discover the possibility of the making contact and communication with others to the so-called "Microsoft Communities". Except for the numerous user groups which have arisen from private initiative of single users Microsoft operates over 110 German-speaking fora around the Microsoft products to all topics in the meantime. For further information to this area see if you aren't trusted with newsgroups yet. A getting in about the Internet browser is then the simplest for you.

Start the Help Authoring News Group in HTML format ...


You need a so-called newsreader, such as Microsoft Outlock ® Express, for the traditional way to enter to newsgroups. You configure the entrance about "Extras | Accounts | News".

The assistant opens for the internet access. You are invited after each other to enter e-mail address and newsserver name ( There is a very active English-speaking newsgroup for help authoring. A second group for the topic "help authors" occupiedly with the development of help systems in applications which are developed with a Visual studio.



Ask questions or post comments about Visual Studio and .NET Framework documentation, Help system functionality, and Visual Studio Help integration at:

Developer Documentation and Help System


MVP's - Most Valuable Professionals

MVP is the acronym of "Most Valuable Professionals" and in German it's "Besonders wertvoller Fachexperte".

The Microsoft newsgroups have established themselves around the Microsoft products as a meeting place for the productive experience exchange. You stand out particularly due to the engagement and the community mind of the participants and special of active users.

If you are away in the Microsoft newsgroups once in a while, you will notice that some of these subject experts support away other users with answers over months or even years.

Microsoft has brought the MVP program into being to point just around recognition for such an engagement.

The Microsoft MVP Program ...

List of help authoring MVP's (Most Valuable Professional)

MVP Homepages
Becker, Josef
Chandler, Robert
Cline, Dana


H2 HelpForum for Experts

The "MSHelp2" Yahoo newsgroup can be found:

Help2 Forum for Experts

MS Help Wiki

The Microsoft Help MVPs have banded together to create a "Wiki" Web site for MS Help-related issues. A Wiki is a searchable knowledge base where anyone can contribute to the content.

There are lots of great Help-related sites on the Web and we hope this will tie them all together by becoming a central location where you can search for answers. Please help contribute by sharing your knowledge, adding links to available resources, and publishing your tips and tricks.

As we all know, searching Yahoo! for answers to questions can be an ordeal. Part of the intent of the Wiki was to create a storage area for these answers. For example, lots of folks posted some great links to references for computer terms. In a month, if someone tries to retrieve that information, they could search Yahoo!...or, it could get added to the Wiki, where it will be readily available.


A full list of help support groups is published at 


Search the Google cached News Groups (BETA) and browse groups to discuss and share ideas:


Search for other groups:


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