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HxK Keywords

KLinks - key word index (Keyword index), which appears in the navigation window of the Help Viewers. As usual named with "K". Every topic has his own with thesaurus terms or keywords.

A view inside with XML Notepad:


Text view of Contents (XML):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>
<!DOCTYPE HelpIndex SYSTEM "MS-Help://Hx/Resources/HelpIndex.DTD">
<HelpIndex Name="K" DTDVersion="1.0" Visible="Yes" LangId="1031" Font="Verdana" FontSize="8" Charset="0">
<Keyword Term="Geschichte">
<Jump Url="history.htm"/>
<Keyword Term="HxS">
<Jump Url="compare.htm"/>
<Keyword Term="HxC">
<Jump Url="compare.htm"/>





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