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HxF File List

In the file (HxF Include file) all files are listed, which are bound into the compiled HxS assistance file. Supported *. *, * HTM, * HTML syntax.

A view inside with XML Notepad:


Text view of Contents (XML):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>
<!DOCTYPE HelpFileList SYSTEM "MS-Help://Hx/Resources/HelpFileList.DTD">
<HelpFileList DTDVersion="1.0">
   <File Url="welcome.htm"/>
   <File Url="history.htm"/>
   <File Url="news.htm"/>
   <File Url="compare.htm"/>
   <File Url="contents.HxT"/>
   <File Url="Index.HxK"/>
   <File Url="hh_1.css"/>
   <File Url="hhwani.gif"/>
   <File Url="oben.gif"/>
   <File Url="NamedURLIndex.HxK"/>




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