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File extensions Help 2

The following tables presents briefly the file name extensions and the characteristics of the Help 2 files. The table is based on a list of Rob Chandler (

Description HTMLHelp 1.x Help2
Compiled help file. HxI is normally inside the HxS help file but can be compiled as a separate file for CDROM disks. .chm .HxS
Project file / Collection file. .hhp /.col .HxC (XML)
Table Of Contents file.  .hhc (Sitemap) .HxT (XML)
Index file. H2 may have multiple indexes. .hhk (Sitemap) .HxK (XML)
Help 2 now uses XML links instead of objects. <object> <mshelp:link>
Help 2 now uses XML elements instead of object and Meta tags. <object> or <meta> <mshelp:keyword>
H2 has programmatic access to data via COM. No Data services
Content filtering. Info Types
(did nor work)
Topic attribute filters
Modular Help Merged CHMs or MSDN collections Help 2.x collections
Command line compiler. hhc.exe hxcomp.exe
Default Help viewer or launch program. hh.exe dox.exe (name may change)


MS Help 2 Files


HxS Compiled Microsoft Help File Compiled help file must regsitered on the users machine.
HxC Collection Definition File Identifies all other key files and compiler options.
Defines navigation data monikers.
HxF Include File Lists all files to be included in the compiled HxS help file. Supports *.*, *.HTM, *.HTML type syntax.
HxT TOC Definition File Table of contents definition file.
HxK Index Definition File
(Internal Name=K)
KLinks. Keyword Index appear in the viewers Index navigation control. Typically named "K".
HxK Index Definition File
(Internal Name=A)
ALinks. Associative keywords. Typically named "A".
HxK Index Definition File
(Internal Name=MyNamedURL)
The Named URL Index defines URLs for the HomePage, DefaultPage etc. Typically named "MyNamedURL".
HxK Index Definition File
The Context window Index contains a list of help mappings as Keyword-URL pairs. Typically named "F".
HxE Sample Definition File Optional file for defining samples.
HxV Virtual Topic Definition File(s) Virtual topic feature provides a way to treat any URL (web, pdf, image etc) as a help topic.
HxA Attribute Definition File Defines topic attributes and filter definitions.



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