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Microsoft Help 2

MS Help 2 SDK preview is now available via VSHIK 2.1 (Visual Studio .NET Help Integration Kit). VSHIK is designed to allow users to create MS Help 2 based help and (optionally) plug into the MS.VSCC collection (VS.NET/MSDN Help). At this stage VSHIK will only install on systems containing VS.NET. At this stage the only H2 viewers available are the MSDN Viewer (DExplore.exe) and some 3rd party viewers (see below).

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Help 2 Tools

MVP Robert Chandler is developing FAR and H2Reg - I think the best to make Help 2 at this stage.

MVP David Liske released a little tool in addition to the converter. You can download the CHM-to-HxS converter or a Help 2 Viewer at the following URL's:

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