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The HTML Help Java Applet is a control containing navigation features that you can insert into an HTML file. Use the HTML Help Java Applet with any Web browser that supports Java. The HTML Help Java Applet enables you to add Table of contents, Index and Related Topics to your HTML files.


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I using the hhctrl.class java applet that is distributed with MS HTML Help Workshop and have been having problems with the scrollbars being displayed properly when the applet is inserted into an html frame - Is this a bug within hhctrl.class or a bug in my implementation?

Those scrollbars haven't worked for anyone, and the word from MS is that, with HTML Help in maintenance mode, they never will.
If you'll look at Dave Liske's information (see link above) you'll see you can "fudge" the creation of scrollbars by oversizing the applet to force the frame to create usable scrollbars instead.


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