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HTMLHelp - General Information

HTMLHelp 1.x took the help system WinHelp off under Windows 3.x that was shipped with the Internet Explorer 4 since 1997. We have arranged the previous development of Microsoft's onlineHelp in a history for you. WinHelp is RTF file based while HTMLHelp uses the flexibility of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and of ActiveX Controls.

But there is one crucial point about HTML Help that may determine which of the two formats you go with: users must have Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed to view HTML Help files. You can of course install IE and HTML Help runtime on platforms.

With HTML Help you can compress an entire web site into a single file with similar compression to a PKZip file while still being able to view and navigate its contents.


The picture shows the HTMLHelp of the Internet Explorer with button bar, navigation pane and contents pane.

You can change between contents, index, searching and favorites in the navigation window.

There are the most different application areas at the HTMLHelp help system in the area of the development of programs and documentation. Different technologies (ActiveX, Java applet) are used for a presentation on the internet besides a cost-free compiler for the compiled help under Windows/NT .

The ActiveX technology of Microsoft supports HTMLHelp help systems optimally by use of the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

When using other Java capable browsers use of a Java applet is possible.


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