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HTMLHelp - Download and Installation

Which hand tool is needed if you want to prepare HTMLHelp files (CHM)?

You must use the operating system Windows and have installed at least the Internet Explorer 4.x.

Every HTML Help help author should install the complete Microsoft compiler program. Invite the HTML Help workshop directly of the Microsoft web page. You find the download on the Microsoft XP Resource Kit side now.


At the end of the installing you may receive the message, that a newer version is already installed. You can click OK without worrying if this window is shown.

That message is misleading because it is referring to the HTML Help viewer components rather than the compiler components. The HTML Help Workshop installation package includes an old copy of hhupd.exe, the utility for upgrading hh.exe, hhctrl.ocx, and the other viewer components. However, hhupd.exe is blocked on all modern (post-98) versions of Windows, where upgrading the viewer components is possible using the O/S service packs and critical updates only. In reality, your machine probably has much more recent versions of these components than the ones in hhupd.exe.

So a more current version of the file HHctrl.ocx is already available at your PC.

Rob Chandler maintains a list of version information about help files: HH version info


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