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+/- FAR Download

The FAR download is a full working version. FAR will operate for 30 days so you can try out all of its features, then you will get a nag screen asking you to register. Please try out FAR and if you like it you can register for a small fee.

Further release notes can be found on the website of the Helpware Group.


Release Date
Current Version 5.x
01:00am, 23-Jul-2019 FAR 5.11 (build 819) Download now
01:00am, 07-Jun-2018 FAR 5.10 (build 818) Download now
01:00am, 25-Jul-2017 FAR 5.9 (build 817) Download now
01:00am, 09-Mar-2017 FAR 5.8 (build 816) Download now
01:00am, 11-Feb-2016 FAR 5.7 (build 811) Download now
01:00am, 08-Feb-2016 FAR 5.7 (build 810) Download now
01:00am, 07-Mar-2015 FAR 5.6 (build 805) Download now
01:00am, 02-Mar-2015 FAR 5.6 (build 804) Download now
01:00am, 08-Nov-2014 FAR 5.6 (build 803) Download now
01:00am, 15-Aug-2014 FAR 5.6 (build 802) Download now
01:00am, 21-Jan-2013 FAR 5.5 (build 790) Download now
01:00am, 12-Oct-2012 FAR 5.4 (build 787) Download now
01:00pm, 20-Sep-2011 FAR 5.3 (build 767) Download now
01:00pm, 01-Oct-2010 FAR 5.2 (build 742) Download now
06:00pm, 15-Jul-2010 FAR 5.1 (build 731) Download now


Release Date
Version 4.x
01:00pm, 27-Apr-2008 FAR 4.3 (build 681) Download now
02:30pm, 01-Jan-2007 FAR 4.2 (build 660) Download now
11:30pm, 12-Apr-2006 FAR 4.1 (build 649) Download now


+/- Support for German users

Help-Info.de are now the sole agents for Helpware Software for all of Germany and Europe.

We are licensed to sell Helpware Software and in return we offer...

  • Full local support in your language (English & German language).
  • Local phone support if required.
  • Our team have over 15 years’ experience working with Helpware software and the Helpware developers. Don’t be left without local support in your language.
  • Note: The current 5.2 software now has many screens in German. We are currently working with Helpware Software developers to translate FAR HTML in to German.