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KeyHelp is a free ActiveX control that help authors and programmers (Visual Basic 6) can use to enhance the capabilities of compiled Microsoft help systems and to control the behavior of HTML Help systems in a Windows application. The features of KeyHelp include:

This release includes security enhancements for KeyHelp script extensions (e.g., our equivalent of the HTML Help ShortCut). We've also improved the way KeyHelp handles popups, secondary windows, and custom information types, and have added the ability to programmatically read Microsoft Help 2.0 files. And, of course, we've updated the KeyHelp reference guide.


Download KeyHelpSetup

Visit the Keyworks site for source code to help embedding HTMLHelp (Backup from Help MVP).

Using KeyHelp

Start to experiment with KeyHelp as a Visual Basic 6 programmer and try to implement the KeyHelp controls in your application project.

e.g. to enlarged the help area to the right in the dialog and make it resizable.

  1. Using the VB Design IDE, place a Help button on the form to display the help.
  2. Expand the right side of your form to include the KeyHelp controls. Size it according to the space you have allocated for the online help display.
  3. Add the Keyhelp Toolbar control (on the top)
  4. Add the help container control below.
  5. Place a button to close the help area.

From the code's view (Form Load):

    KeyCtrlHelp.ChmFile = App.Path & "\Help.chm"
    KeyCtrlHelp.DefaultTopic = "MyTopic.htm
Private Sub btSCHelp_Click()
  KeyCtrlHelp.DefaultTopic = "default_foobar.htm"
  '--- EXPAND window enlarged width to SHOW Key Help topic
  Me.Width = 16425
End Sub
Private Sub btHelpClose_Click()
  '--- Colapse window width to hide Key Help topic
  Me.Width = 12285
End Sub


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